Hello and thank you for visiting my Real Estate Blog! This is a new venture for me so I hope you will forgive any inexperience at this as I begin to chronicle my life and times in real estate. Hopefully you will benefit from the experience as much or more than I will.

My intent is simply this: to get people talking about real estate. Because the more we engage one another in meaningful dialogue, the more we stand to benefit from each other’s experiences and walk away a little more savvy an investor/homeowner/prospector. It’s also my belief that whether in an up or down market there is always something to be gained from being in this industry. And yes, it goes beyond money believe it or not. It can be relational, experiential, or impact your own personal growth, and lest we forget, pride in ownership. It’s irreplaceable. Call me old fashioned, but it gives me a good feeling when I upgrade a bathroom, replace a fixture, or just mow the lawn knowing that its my home I’m improving. I love the smell of fresh cut grass in the morning! 🙂

I’ve found my home to be an extension of me and something I am thankful for having every day. I love to help others experience that same feeling. So I hope you’ll join me as I gradually begin to breathe life into my first web log on my favorite topic from my favorite part of the planet… California.

All the best,

Chris Kendall
Better Homes & Gardens | Mason-McDuffie Real Estate
Cell- 916-838-5752
Blog – https://chriskendallrocksre.wordpress.com
Web- http://bhghome.com/chriskendall/default.aspx
Email- chriskendall@rocketmail.com

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