4 ways to help your Realtor attract buyers

Like almost anything, achieving lasting results in real estate requires the work of more than just one person. And while real estate professionals are considered “independent” contractors, the image that we work completely alone couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, behind every agent there are assistants, office administrators, office managers, colleagues, and, believe it or not, their clients. So here are 4 quick ways that any seller can help their realtor and in turn help themselves…

1. Allow a sign in the yard. Most listings have signs in the yard yet some sellers want their home sale to be kept private. But if you are serious about selling your home, not having a sign in the yard can significantly hamper your realtor’s marketing efforts; particularly when there is a flier box. It’s an easy way for any neighborhood traffic to be alerted to your home and possibly result in a quicker sale.

2. Keep the house clean. When prospective buyers come to view your home one of the home’s first impressions will be the how the home shows. If it’s found clean and uncluttered they will have an easier time seeing themselves as the next owners and likely come in at a higher price.

3. Tell friends and family. Remember that friend you had over for a party last year who couldnt stop telling you how they wished they lived in a home like yours… well, now you can help make their wish come true, but not if they never knew it was for sale in the first place. Statistically, everyone knows at least 25 people, telling the 25 people you know potentially expands your circle of influence by up to 625 people… they’ll tell their friends, and they’ll tell their friends, and so on, and so on.

4. Become a social media maven. Now that 1 in 12 people worldwide has a facebook account and countless others are tweeting, why not leverage that technology as your real estate home sale billboard? Tweet your status updates in 140 characters or less, upload a picture, and AplusK (Ashton Kutcher) will have nothing on you.

For more ideas on marketing or a free estimate of what your home is worth, simply contact me through my website or call me at 916-838-5752.


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Realtor in the greater Sacramento region with Lyon Real Estate in Rocklin.
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