Rejoice in Valentines Day and show your house some love.

Who says our national day of love has to be limited to us mere humans. Why not send a little love your home’s way? The following tips are relatively easy and require more elbow grease than greenbacks so put some sweat equity to use. After all, what you give might just come back to you.

1) Clean the gutters. Dust off the ladder, put on some gloves and climb to where you haven’t climbed in a long while. Since almost all of the leaves that get your gutter drains clogged have already fallen, you have nothing to lose at this point except lifting the burden of thousands of damp leaves that have been pulling down your gutters, and hence your roof. Making it sad and droopy looking.

2) Clean or replace your home’s HVAC filter. All too often we forget how this filter gets clogged up with dust, pet hair, and anything else floating around the home. It will help your home’s HVAC system run more efficiently and save you on your utility bill.

3) Pick a room and deep clean it. Kitchen, bath, office… your choice. Chances are one of these well-used rooms could benefit from a good scrubbing. It’s cathartic and your home will love you for it.

4) Organize/purge your garage. Spring is around the corner so why not get a jump on spring cleaning. And where better to start than the collection depot of all things we don’t use yet don’t have the heart to throw away. Have a garage sale, make a trip to the dump, whatever it takes, just choose what you really don’t need and you might unearth a long lost artifact in the process. Typically, a garage is a good precursor to how organized the rest of your home is, and perhaps your life. For more inspiration on this subject watch the TV show “Hoarders” on A&E.

5) Celebrate! When you have achieved a worthwhile project you will want to show it off and tell all your friends right? Have a few people over for dinner, or a game/movie night. A home is meant to be enjoyed not just by you, but other people that you love.

So with these tips, have fun and make your home the pride of the neighborhood by showing it some love this Valentine’s day. After all, home is where the heart is.

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Realtor in the greater Sacramento region with Lyon Real Estate in Rocklin.
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