Follow Your “Duct” Instinct

Every morning I read a lot of the flashy articles that Yahoo news has. Being the morning after the Superbowl I was armed and ready for the thousand and one critiques of the game, the halftime show, and how Ms. Aguillara botched the National Anthem. Funny how most of America didn’t notice it when it happened. And for that we thank you Yahoo news!

But what really caught my attention was the Financially Fit article on 6 House Repairs to Tackle. Specifically the part about cleaning your dryer vent. What an eye opener that turned out to be. It’s something you don’t readily think of as being the reason you’re spending three months in a hotel while your house is being rebuilt from a devastating fire… but why take the chance. So being a simple guy I thought back to when the last time I had ever done that and of course the answer was never. Well today was the day and man am I glad I called Randy at California Dryer Vent Cleaning. Take a look at the photo and see if you notice anything wrong with this picture.

Dryer vent coagulation

Yes, this is what he pulled out of about 25 feet of dryer vent line in my house! Incredible to think that much had accumulated, but we are talking 9 years that I have owned this house (praise the Lord!). Randy explained that with all that lint gumming up the works and as hot as dryers can get, it can lead to a fire and leave you homeless if you’re like me and leave the house while the dryer is still running. So do yourself a favor and down, set, hike your way over to the phone and schedule an appointment to get that dryer vent cleaned ASAP. Here is the link to Randy’s company and I highly recommend himCalifornia Dryer Vent & Air Duct Cleaning. If you have just purchased a home he has a special he runs for you… just give him a call.

An added bonus is your clothes will dry faster therefore save you money on your electric bill!

You don’t want to come home to this…

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