When getting ready to sell: Shy away from the strong colors

If you think that buying a home is an emotional decision, but are afraid to admit it you’re not alone. So much of how a home “feels” plays a role in how much you want the home, how much you are willing to pay, and if you want the house at all. And the feeling is usually instantaneous. If you don’t believe me, check out the book Blink by Malcolm Gladwell, and see just how fast the human mind can identify a genuine piece of art from a copy and you will begin to understand the value in trusting your instincts.

There’s no question that homes are selling for much less than just a few years ago. And while the economy might be the biggest reason for the housing market collapse, there are still an infinite number of other reasons a home might sell for less than neighborhood comps. I’ve written about curb appeal, now its time to head inside and discuss interior wall coloring.

Keep the peace – Maybe the Swiss and Costa Ricans have had it right all along. Don’t turn your buyers into enemies without even having met them. A neutral color palate is key to giving a potential buyer the opportunity to not be distracted by bold color choices… by this I mean hot pink, electric blue, bright orange, or any combination of these colors. Its okay your son is a huge Denver Broncos fan, but take a picture of his life-size rendition of John Elway before you run a coat of primer over it. The more a home shows to your specific taste, the more narrowed down your pool of potential buyers has become.

Intense! Not uncommon to find in today's market.

My rule of thumb is this, if a wall color begins to burn your retina after a few minutes, don’t count on a full price offer. Its that easy to kiss your hard earned equity good-bye. But its equally as easy, and more cost effective, to fix the problem without your buyers ever even knowing that your child’s room once resembled a Star Wars poster. May the force be with you…

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